Loan without payroll 2019: personal payday loans and loan remittances

We try to find out if the Credit loan without payroll can be the solution for those who need a loan but cannot obtain a traditional personal payday loan because it does not meet all the requirements of the credit institution.

Before giving the ok and granting the loan, the bank ensures that the applicant is able to repay the sums obtained (plus interest and other costs of course) and to do so, “stakes” have been set: one of these is represented by the presence of a demonstrable income. Who does not have a salary or a pension could find it difficult to obtain a traditional financing: a solution could be represented by the loans without payslip that can be provided to those who are able to present alternative acceptable guarantees or find a person willing to act as guarantor. When we talk about solutions for people looking for a loan without a payslip, we often refer to the loans made with them : let’s take a closer look and see if it is possible to get a Credit loan without a payslip and how to get a quote in 2019.

How to apply for a Credit loan without a payslip

The banks are willing to lend money only if they believe that the beneficiary is able to repay the amount due (disbursed capital plus interest and various charges and expenses): for this reason the loans are granted only to applicants who present certain requirements, who in principle they are the same for all credit institutions, or

  • age between 18 and 70 or 75;
  • residence in Italy;
  • it is not necessary to be registered in the registers of bad payers or protesters;
  • a demonstrable income must be received.

The last point is also confirmed by the documents that usually have to be presented to the credit institution when making a loan request: in addition to the identity document (identity card, driving license or passport) and to the tax code you must provide the bank also the income document.

The income document par excellence is the payslip, which is the prospectus that is given by the employer to its employees when they pay their salary. This document summarizes some information such as the job position and the amount and composition of gross and net income. What has been said so far could suggest that those who do not have a payslip will never be able to get a loan, but in reality it is not so: when we talked about the documents to be presented together with the request for funding we talked about an income document; the paycheck is the best known income document, but there are others: for that reason retirees can apply for a loan by presenting the docket of their pension or model Obis M, while freelancers can present their latest unique model.

For all the others, things become a bit more complicated: getting a Credit loan without a paycheck (but the same goes for the other banks and finance companies) is not always easy because you have to prove to the institution that you are still able to repay what was obtained. And to do this you need to resort to the so-called alternative guarantees, to the figure of the guarantor or to other types of financing such as the loan remitted, the loan on pledge or the loan between private individuals. The audience of those interested in loans without pay is large (we must not only think of the unemployed, but also of housewives, illegal workers, atypical workers, students and so on), so it may be useful to better develop the discourse.

Loans without payroll Credit: guarantor or loan repaid?

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The term alternative warranties reminds many of the mortgage on a property owned : in reality often the proposals of this type are rejected by the banks because the value of the property turns out to be much higher than the amount of the loan, so yes it would be a partial mortgage and getting back the sums in the event of non-payment would become too expensive for the institution in terms of time, energy and money. There is some more possibility for those who, despite not having an income from work, can prove to have a regular and constant income over time : we think for example of those who receive the rent for a property that has been rented every month, or to those who can count on the income of an investment or to those who receive the maintenance allowance from the former spouse. But the best way to get a Credit loan without a paycheck is surely to find a person willing to fill the role of guarantor.

The guarantor is a person who undertakes with the bank to pay the repayment installments in the event that the principal debtor fails to comply with the commitments. Obviously the person who is indicated to assume this role must be considered economically sound and financially reliable by the banks, so he must have a good income (with a permanent employment contract if he is an employee) and must have an immaculate credit history (ie no reporting in Crif or in the register of protesters). The institution will also want to know if the proposed guarantor has other ongoing loans that could somehow reduce its repayment capacity. The guarantor need not be a family member or an acquaintance (although in most cases the parent is proposed for the child or the husband for the wife and vice versa): the solidity and reliability of the subject are the only things affecting the bank.

If you can’t get a normal personal payday loan and you don’t find people willing to act as guarantor (remember that the last word is always up to the bank, which individually assesses each case), getting a Credit loan without a paycheck becomes really difficult. Among the alternative solutions we can mention the loan between private individuals and the loan on pledge, but with these formulas it is difficult to obtain high amounts. On the other hand, loan repurchase came back into fashion: this loan differs from the others because repayment is made through the payment of bills of exchange; the presence of the credit title is already a guarantee in itself, so delivery times can be decidedly short (although it may still be necessary to present additional guarantees) and this, together with the fact that it can be requested by anyone (even from those who are bad payers or protesters), represents one of the advantages of this financing. But there are also disadvantages: the costs and the interests are higher and above all the bill is an enforceable title, therefore in case of non-payment even of a single installment the creditor can proceed with the protest and with the attachment of the debtor’s assets without having to wait for court decisions. For these reasons the loan must be considered only as a last resort.

personal payday loans without payslip Credit 2019: the complete range

Officially, Credit does not deal with loan balances (in its website there is no reference to products of this type), but in the presence of a guarantor it is possible to access the other forms of financing provided by Credit-Loaniano. The complete range of Credit loans is made up of personal payday loans ( personal payday loan and online loans), loans (salary-backed loans and mortgage) and Mobility Solution (car leasing and long-term rental). As we are interested in personal payday loans, we will focus on these products first.

Online loans Credit: features and examples, how to get up to 5000 euros without payroll

Ego credit card holders who have activated the Internet Banking service can apply for this small loan online (the others must go to the branch): the sum requested is credited to the current account within a very short time. Sums can be obtained between a minimum of 250 euros and a maximum of 5,000 euros which can be reimbursed starting from the following month: the repaid installments make up the maximum amount of the card, which in this way can be reused to make other expenses. You can choose to repay the loan requested online in 12, 36 or 48 month plans (installments are debited from the current account), with TAN 11.25% and APR 11.85%. Let’s take a small example: a loan of 1,500 euros can be repaid in 12 months with the payment of an installment of 132.34 and eleven installments of 132.75 euros, for a total owed by the client which amounts to 1,592.56 euros.

Credit personal payday loan Starts up even without payroll: budget and simulation

This can be considered the real loan without a payslip Credit, since even in the information sheet it is explained that the granting of the loan can be subordinated to the signature of a co-obligor (and therefore in the presence of the guarantor). With the Avera loan you can request amounts between € 3,000 and € 30,000, to be repaid with plans with a minimum duration of 24 months and a maximum of 120 months (you can add 5 months of pre-amortization). The costs are represented by the preliminary commission (equal to 1% of the financed amount, up to a maximum of 300 euros) and by the substitute tax (which amounts to 0.25% of the amount financed for longer-term loans to 18 months), plus those related to any insurance policy (not mandatory) The bank invites customers to contact their consultants to find the solution that best suits the needs of the applicant.

A loan of € 15,000 can be repaid in 60 months with installments of € 325: with the TAN at 10.40% and the T AEG at 11.526%, the total owed by the applicant amounts to € 19,500. In the event of delay in payment of installments, default interest will be charged to the customer. It is possible to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days of the signature and it is also possible to make an early repayment of the loan (total or partial): in this case Credit is entitled to an indemnity of 0.5% of the residual debt if there is less than one year at the natural expiration of the contract or 1% if there is more than one year to the expiration (the compensation to the bank is not due if the early repayment is made in execution of an insurance contract with credit guarantees or if the amount repaid early is less than 10,000 euros and corresponds to the entire remaining debt).

personal payday loan Starts Maxi Credit without payroll for high figures

This loan can be considered the elder brother of the “normal” Startup loan, since it allows you to get amounts starting from € 31,000 up to a maximum of € 75,000. Also in this case the repayment plan can have a minimum duration of 24 and a maximum of 120 months (plus any 5 months of pre-amortization). The costs are represented by the preliminary fee (1% of the amount disbursed up to a maximum of 500 euros) and the substitute tax (equal to 0.25% of the financed amount). Let’s take an example of a quote: a loan of 50,000 euros can be repaid in 84 months with installments of 849 euros: with the fixed TAN at 10.40% and the APR at 11.363%, the total that the customer will have to give back to the bank amounts at 71.316 euros. Regarding delays in payment of installments, the right of withdrawal and early repayment are valid for the speeches made for the personal payday loan in the previous paragraph.

Sale of the fifth Credit without payroll

While remaining within the scope of personal payday loans, this product cannot be included among Credit loans without payroll because it is reserved for employees hired on permanent contracts and retirees in INPS or INPDAP (people therefore having a document to prove their income). The loan can have a duration ranging from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 120 months and the repayment takes place with the payment of monthly installments at a fixed amount (which cannot exceed one fifth of the net remuneration, therefore the maximum amount payable depends on the amount of salary or pension); the installment is actually paid directly by the employer or by the social security institution that pays the pension, then withholding the relative amount on the payslip or on the slip. In addition to the salary, no additional guarantees are required, also because it is mandatory to take out insurance policies (risk of death and risk of loss of work) but the costs are borne by Credit Bank. Let’s take a couple of examples:

  • A 69-year-old pensioner can receive an amount of € 21,035.79 to be repaid in ten years with the payment of 120 monthly installments of € 250; the TAN is 6.53%, while the APR is 7.80%, for a total to be repaid which is equal to 30,000 euros: the 8,964.21 euros of credit cost are made up of interest (8,014.21 euros), from the costs of activating the file (350 euros) and distribution commissions (600 euros).
  • an employee with a 40-year permanent contract and 10 years of service can receive an amount of € 20,698.39 to be repaid in ten years with the payment of 120 monthly installments of € 250; the TAN is at 6.82%, while the APR is at 8.19%, for a total to be repaid which is equal to 30,000 euros: the 9,301.61 euros of credit costs are made up of interest (8,301.61 euros ), activation fees (400 euros) and distribution fees (600 euros).

What are the best loans without Credit payroll?

Apart from the small loan, which can be requested online from those who already own an Ego card, Credit personal payday loans can be requested only by going to one of the branches spread over the Italian territory; or in any case, given the particular condition of the applicant (which we remember once again, not having the payslip or another income document he cannot access normal personal payday loans without giving other guarantees or presenting a guarantor) it is always better to talk with the staff of the institute to try to identify possible solutions.

In summary, it is possible to obtain a Credit loan without a payslip only by presenting a guarantor that is considered solid and reliable by the bank (you can also make an attempt by presenting other types of alternative guarantees, but the chances of obtaining financing are considerably reduced); personal payday loan is the most suitable product for this type of situation: it allows you to receive amounts up to 30,000 euros to be repaid with repayment plans that can last from 2 to 10 years. No reference is made to the formalized loans on the official website: like most of the main credit institutions, Credit does not deal with this type of product (if it deals with mostly financial activities locally). Many people choose to rely on Credit-Loaniano because it is a bank listed on the stock exchange, with about 600 branches spread across Italy to which more than 800 financial advisors must be added, for a total of 6,000 employees. 

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