Loan 3000 Euro without pay slip

Let’s find out carefully how it is possible to get a loan of 3000 euros without payroll or guarantees. We will mainly focus on three banks that grant this type of loan: Bank, Private Bank and Bank, seeing some online quotes and finding out how to get the loan. In this way you will have all the information you need, being able to compare them with each other. Keep reading so you don’t miss anything.

How to get a 3000 euro loan without a payslip


In case you need money, and you are thinking of applying for a 3,000 euro loan, it is good that you know what you are up against. Every bank has specific requests, and the requirements you must have if you want to get this loan. So before you go to a branch to make your request, you need to know what the requirements are and what you are going to meet.

One of the requirements that is usually required in any bank is the chronological age. Usually, it is established that to receive a loan, you must be between 18 and 75 years old. The maximum age can sometimes vary, but is usually around 75 years. Another essential element if you want to get your loan, is that you have residence in Italian territory. If you are a foreign citizen, and you want to apply for this loan, you must have a residence permit, and be resident in Italy for a minimum of six months.

But then we come to the aspect that interests us most: the payslip. In fact today we will take care of obtaining a loan of 3000 euros, without the help of a payslip. Usually this allows the bank to have the guarantee that you will then be able to return the loaned amount. However, this does not mean that the banks do not grant a loan to those who do not have a work contract. In fact, there are guarantees called alternatives, which therefore make it possible to request a loan even without a payslip.

Thanks to these guarantees, the bank is able to understand if the borrower can return it, and eventually reimburses the bank in the event of non-payment of installments.

The first way to get the loan without a payslip is to present our tax return. This way is in fact the most used by self-employed workers who want to request a loan of 3000 euros. However, if you are not part of the autonomous work, or the amount of your monthly income is not considered adequate to obtain the loan, do not be discouraged. There are still two solutions that can do for you.

The first is to present a guarantor. In this case, it will be this person who takes responsibility for your missed payments, should there be any. And this person will always have to pay for you. The second choice you have is to mortgage your home. Be careful to make this choice, because if you find yourself in difficulty with the installment payments, the house is mortgaged, and auctioned off in order to get the money you failed to pay.

Loans from 3000 euros without payroll: which banks will grant them?

 Loans from 3000 euros without payroll: which banks will grant them?

Now that we have seen what are the essential requirements for obtaining a loan of 3000 euros without a paycheck, we just have to find out which banks can grant us this loan. The possibilities offered by Italian banks are indeed many. Many of them allow you to make an online request, after a custom-made quote. Others, on the other hand, do not allow online requests, but must be carried out within the branch.

However, there are online loan simulators that allow the user to check their own possibilities in case they want to request a loan of 3000 euros. These simulators are found on the official websites of the banks, and are very simple and intuitive to use. Therefore, if you would like to request a € 3,000 loan without a payslip, the interest rates would be different, since the bank has a greater risk in granting you a loan without collateral.

So let’s go back to the banks to apply for these loans, we will focus on three of them: the Bank, the Private Bank and the Bank. We will see together an example of a free online quote, done directly on the websites of the banks, discovering how much the interest rates would require by requesting a loan of 3000 euros without a paycheck.

Loans without payslip Bank 3000 euro: online quote

 Loans without payslip Bank 3000 euro: online quote

To allow you to decide better, and at the same time to understand precisely what we are talking about, we have simulated a request for a quote online to the three banks mentioned above. Let’s talk about Bank. We remind you that this is a simulated quote, so some things might actually change when you enter your data. In order to get your free Bank online quote, all you have to do is go to the official website.

Speaking of a loan of 3000 euros, granted to those who do not have a payslip, there are four factors that we are going to see: the duration, the monthly payment to be paid, the TAN in percentage and the APR in percentage.

Starting from a minimum of 18 months, the initial monthly payment is € 176.70, of which the TAN is 7.47 and the APR is € 7.73. By increasing the loan to 24 months, the monthly fee is reduced to 135.00 euros, where the TAG is 7.50 and the APR is 7.77.

In the event that the time is further increased, then we move to 30 months, the monthly tax is reduced to 110.00 euros, the TAG increases very little, to 7.51 and the APR to 7.77.

When the months become 36, the monthly tax is reduced to 93.30 euros, with a TAN of 7.48 and the APR to 7.74. Increasing the monthly installments and thus reaching 42 months, the monthly fee will be 81.40 euros, with TAN at 7.47 and APR at 7.73. Increasing the months again, and thus reaching 48, the TAG and the APR remain unchanged compared to 42 months, with a monthly fee of 72.50 euros.

In the event that the monthly payments increased to 54, the tax per month would be € 65.60, with TAGs always at 7.47 and APR of 7.74. Arriving at 60 months, the monthly tax decreases to 60.10 euros, with TAGs to 7.49 and APR to 7.75. With the same interest rates, it would be possible to obtain the loan with repayment in 66 months, at 55.60 euros per month. Finally, by repaying the loan in 72 months, you would get a monthly tax of 51.80 euros with a TAG of 7.45 and an APR of 7.71.

As you can see, the Bank, by granting a loan of 3,000 euros without a paycheck, does not particularly increase its interest rates based on the monthly payments chosen. Of course, interest rates increase as the duration increases. This is why, since it is a fairly low loan, it is advisable not to choose a duration too high for the repayment of the loan.

Bank loan without payslip of 3000 euros: online quote

We have therefore seen an example of an online quote granted by Bank. Now we will deal with another equally important bank, the Bank. So let’s see what would be an online quote that this bank would grant if we wanted to request a loan of 3000 euros without a paycheck. In order to get your free online Bank quote, all you have to do is go to the official website of the financial company.

We note immediately that the duration we can choose for the repayment of the loan is different from that seen previously. In fact, you can choose to go from a minimum of six months to a maximum of thirty-six months to repay the 3,000 euros. This is done because the loan is not high, and the monthly repayments are quite affordable by anyone. So let’s see the quote, with the same elements seen previously: duration, monthly payment, percentage of the TAN and the APR.

Let’s start with the minimum allowed, 6 months. The monthly fee in this case is 508.64 euros, with TANs at 5.90 and APR at 6.07. In this case, the interest rates remain unchanged for the repayment of the loans in 9 months and 12 months. The only thing that varies is obviously the monthly fee. If you choose 9 months for the return, the monthly payment will be 341.58 euros, while if 12 months are chosen the monthly payment will be 258.06 euros.

Increasing the months to 15, the monthly installment will decrease to € 207.96, with TAN to 5.91 and APR always to 6.07. When the chosen months become 18, the monthly payment is 174, 56 euros, returning to a TAN of 5.90 and APR of 6.07. If you choose to return the amount in 21 months, the monthly payment is 150.71 euros, leaving TAN and APR unchanged from the previous one.

For those who choose to pay back € 3,000 in 24 months, the monthly payment is € 132.83, with TAN at 5.91 and APR 6.07. The same interests are set at the maximum of monthly payments, 36, in which the monthly payment to be repaid will be € 91.13.

We certainly find some differences with respect to the bank previously seen. The first is certainly the duration of the months in which we can return the 3000 euros. The minimum in this case is six months, while with the Bank the minimum is eighteen. The maxim is also decidedly different, in this case one cannot go beyond thirty-six months.

Interest rates are also different, in this case in fact, they can be defined as cheaper than the previous one. In any case, it is based on your timing needs that one loan is cheaper than another.

Private Bank loan 3000 euros without payroll: online quote

 Private Bank loan 3000 euros without payroll: online quote

We have therefore reached the last bank of which we will see an online quote. We have seen the online estimates of Bank and Bank, comparing them with each other and seeing the differences that are present. Now let’s take care of the Private Bank. If you want to get a 3000 euro loan without a payslip, Private Bank also provides great services.

The loan simulator found on the Private Bank website is different from those seen previously. In this case, in fact, in addition to the amount you want to request as a loan, in our case we are talking about the 3000 euros, we are asked to enter the monthly amount that we are willing to pay as an installment. In this case, however, we are given minimum limits, which do not allow us to continue.

In fact, it is not possible to request a free quote online on the Private Bank website for the sum of 3000 euros, as the minimum amount for which to request a quote is 5000 euros.

Therefore, if you are interested in contacting this bank to request a loan of € 3,000 without pay, our advice is to go to one of the branches and request a quote. In this way you will be able to see the interest rates that are made, and compare them to other banks, through loan simulators or our own article.

By going directly to one of the Private Bank offices, and talking to the experts present in the bank, you can present all the necessary documents, and talk openly about your financial situation. In this way the person who will help you, will be able to advise you on the best method to obtain a Private Bank loan, without payroll or guarantees.

We also remind you that even if you go to one of the locations to receive a quote, you are absolutely not required to apply for a loan at that bank. You are simply requesting a quote that you cannot request online, by talking to an expert who will advise you on the best offer for you. In this way you can compare the various offers seen previously, and based on your needs, choose the one you think is best suited.

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