Financing a recruitment without going through his bank, really?

Which company executive did not have difficulties to finance a recruitment or the training of his employees? There are however alternatives to traditional banks to cover such needs!

Increase in the number of SMEs


The French economy is slowly picking up colors. While business failures are slightly down on 2016, a new announcement is timidly supporting this recovery. According to the latest quarterly barometer Manpower, 4% of French companies plan to recruit one or more employee (s) by the month of June.

Although the majority of companies do not plan to increase their workforce, this study puts divergent trends into perspective according to the size of the company and the sector of activity. Construction (+ 10%), transport / logistics (+ 7%), finance and business services (+ 6%) are for example the most optimistic sectors. Similarly, medium-sized companies, with between 50 and 250 employees, expect hires in the next three months (+ 10%), while very small companies (less than 10 employees) have not indicated any change in their workforce. .

A need little covered by banks


In addition to an unstable economic climate in recent years, and particularly political because of the immediate proximity of the presidential election, other barriers hamper the development of companies when it comes to recruiting new employees.

Indeed, in the context of recruitment, for a fixed or indefinite period, the company must justify sufficient funds (salaries, charges, etc.) . The good management of a case does not always support the costs of hiring without going through a bank. And in this case, banks are particularly cautious about this type of financing.

What alternative to traditional financing?

What alternative to traditional financing?

While the reasons for hiring an employee are numerous (consolidation of the workforce, temporary or continuous increase in activity, creation of a new service, etc.), the responses of traditional banking institutions are not adapted to this variety of needs. In this perspective, new actors from the collaborative economy, more responsive, more flexible, have developed solutions in line with business issues .

Did you know that all the needs of VSEs / SMEs are examined by crowdfunding platforms?

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