Best credit terms


Better credit conditions

Better credit conditions

The banks are also looking for profits and would not immediately award the best interest rates. It pays to choose the best loan terms. The best credit terms we offer compared. Are you looking for a lender who pays for you and offers you the best possible conditions? Where do I get the best credit terms? Those who conclude a financing contract directly with the dealership usually receive very good credit terms.

News and price list for the agricultural industry

News and price list for the agricultural industry

The L undwirte with good operational performance and optimal collateral are in great demand. For example, they receive particularly advantageous conditions for loans. However, the procedure for granting credit will change. In the future, credit institutions will have to prove the creditworthiness of each individual company according to a defined assessment scheme. Those who do poorly here either do not receive a loan or have to pay a relatively high rate of interest.

The difference between a good and a bad value can be 1.5 percentage points. What is this in the context of internationalization? In the course of time, uniform international rules will apply to credit institutions. According to the plans, all credit institutions are required by 2005 at the latest to assess the default risk for each individual borrower and individual loan according to a set timetable.

This is the classification of the creditworthiness risk of the client on the basis of a fixed rating scale. The result of this ranking, in turn, determines how much equity the house bank has for this loan as collateral. As the level of (theoretical) default risk increases, the house bank must hold more own funds. Debtors with a weak credit rating will therefore be costly for the credit institutions in the future.

Result: These customers and customers have to pay a higher interest or their desire for credit is even rejected. On the other hand, of course, well valued clientele are of interest to the banks. This means that successful companies benefit from the rating business through lower interest rates on loans. Many already practice the rating model, and not just as an asset.

In the case of short-term credit reports, the rating results are already included in the creditworthiness check. However, customers and end customers are increasingly being checked with short-term loans. Do not even allow the house bank to give you a false insight into your business: Ask your house bank for the current rating plans and find out about the valuation standards.

Preparation of suitable documents to facilitate the assessment of the National Bank. Lending decisions were usually based on the individual balance sheets of accounting, to reflect the operational success in the history. The potential of the company and thus its creditworthiness are evaluated according to the following characteristics, whereby the official implementation of the rating standards will take place at the latest from 2005:

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