Month: June 2019

Guide: How to quickly get rid of loans and debts?

When from month to month expenses exceed revenues, a credit card is used, with which it makes up for the lack of money. The tendency to use credit to secure a family is dangerous when it becomes chronic. Once a borrower is faced with the fact that the credit card is empty, the debt has […]

June 22, 2019

Comparing building loan interest rates: Better to ask the experts

Just because the construction money is currently so cheap, not every builder or buyer automatically finances to first-class loan terms.After all, there are numerous banks, building societies and even insurers that offer real estate loans and sometimes set very different conditions. Low mortgage lending If you want to finance cheap, you have to look good […]

June 19, 2019

Finance your studies – Tips for financing your studies

According to statistics, about 2.8 million students are currently enrolled at German universities. Most of them rely on financial support or income to pay for their own livelihood, the semester contribution and necessary study material. Students have access to various financing options. It is advisable to find out before starting your studies how much money […]

June 9, 2019